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Si Precious sa planetang Earth

Si Precious sa planetang Earth ay isang koleksiyon ng mga istorya kung saan siya ang bida. Hindi ito isang piksyon ngunit hindi rin isang diary. Ang mga nilalaman nito ay nangyari sa totoong buhay ngunit may ilan naman ang galing lamang sa malikot na imahinasyon ng manunulat. Dito makikilala natin ang iba't ibang uri ng… Continue reading Si Precious sa planetang Earth

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True Friendship: Thoughts on Orange

True Friendship: Thoughts on Orange I watched the Anime first before watching the movie. My friend back in Grade 11 recommended this so I gave it a shot. I didn't know that Yamazaki Kento played the role of Naruse Kakeru in the movie, so before saying anything about being bias, I'll be writing about what… Continue reading True Friendship: Thoughts on Orange

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​[Movie Review] Forget someone important: One week friends movie

Forget someone important: One week friends movie Another Yamazaki Kento movie that I have watched because of boredom. I'm not that busy with school that's why I've got to see another splendid acting and movie about my husband, Yamazaki Kento. So, now I'll be reviewing the movie entitled 'One Week Friends'. ××× High school student… Continue reading ​[Movie Review] Forget someone important: One week friends movie

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Miniature in Pre Calculus (Conic Section)

Our teacher in Pre Calculus gave us this project for this sem. He insisted that he gave it to us 2 weeks before the deadline but really, we did this for only a week. Our group made it exactly 4 days because we really don't have all the time in the world for this. We… Continue reading Miniature in Pre Calculus (Conic Section)

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The Script I Passed Got Accepted and is Going to be a Film

Naalala niyo 'yong pinost ko na script? Iyong sinulat ko for almost no time at all dahil sa mga naganap sa buhay ko -- good things and bad things? It's entitled 'Pagkakataon' and today, is one of the best days I have ever experienced! Hindi na kasi ako umasa, mga bes. Dahil sobrang minadali ko… Continue reading The Script I Passed Got Accepted and is Going to be a Film

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[Wattpad Review] My Cute Jollibee Guy by yamyshe

"My Cute Jollibee Guy" by yamyshe A short story about a girl named Jillian who likes spotting and looking for handsome or cute guys. While eating at her favorite fast food, Jollibee, she saw a cute guy enters. She followed him with her gaze until he sat down. He's reading a book while drinking a… Continue reading [Wattpad Review] My Cute Jollibee Guy by yamyshe

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[Research Making] One Fruitful Day Indeed

We have no classes from October 04, 2017 to October 06, 2017 (Wednesday to Friday) that's why our group in Research decided to do our thesis about concrete blocks. My classmate, Pat, texted me that we're going to pulverize the glass that we collected. Being the one who knew the location of my group mate's… Continue reading [Research Making] One Fruitful Day Indeed