Jellal Fernandes of Fairy Tail


Kaneki Ken of Tokyo Ghoul

So, hi there! As I was rummaging through my things, I stumbled upon this book of mine where my drawings were -- both past and present works. And I thought, why not share them here. I lost my sketch pad from years ago so I decided to capture the remaining for future use. I already... Continue Reading →

Love can wait

Maybe, they were right. I should not look for love but rather love must find me. Because if you did look for it, it wasn't love. And in my case, I found the guy who was not really meant for me because of my reckless decision. This past months of not being able to update... Continue Reading →

My First Ever English Fantasy Novel

I discussed in here about my English Fan Fiction Novella, entitled Chance, featuring Shintarou Midorima of Kuroko no basuke. And this time, I planned to make a novel. In my drafts, there were already at least 18 chapters that needed to be edited. I don't know when so don't ask me. Since I always connect... Continue Reading →

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