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When you become something you love: Thoughts on Paper Towns

It's been a while since I last wrote a review about movies. And I don't know if this will be the right time to post this. If you are a fan of this movie or book, I'm have to admit that this post is the exact opposite. I haven't read the book itself so I'm… Continue reading When you become something you love: Thoughts on Paper Towns

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Hindi ko na kaya. Nanggigigil na talaga ako!

Siguro ilan sa inyo ang nakabasa sa isa sa mga posts ko tungkol sa pagiging childish ko kahit 18 na ako. Sino ba naman ang gustong masabihan ng ganoon lalo na kung dapat ay mature ka na. FYI, mature na po akong mag-isip. Hindi man ako mature kung titignan, alam ko sa loob ko na mature… Continue reading Hindi ko na kaya. Nanggigigil na talaga ako!

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How do I exercise?

Let's all admit it, guys. Some of us are desperate to have a great and fit body especially when we are bigger than usual. Or if we're too thin for our height. Either way, we thought of exercising to build some muscles. But admit it, again. Only few of them are going to the gym… Continue reading How do I exercise?

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​Gigil ako kay ex-crush

Nagpractice kami kanina sa dance ministry para sa nalalapit na gathering. Doon ko nakasama ulit yung ex-crush ko. Naging crush ko kasi siya noong Elementary pero hindi ko alam kung bakit. Siguro kasi gwapo. Iyon na nga. Natriggered kasi ako kanina. Bilang mga veteran kuno sa JYM, kami yung naatasan gumawa ng steps. Kami rin… Continue reading ​Gigil ako kay ex-crush

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My plan for my career

My Plans After those days while I'm at the United Render Works, there are so many things that came floating inside my head. Especially when I saw the questions for me to answer. Like, what are my desicions and plans fr the future? What are my insights about companies and such? Is it okay for… Continue reading My plan for my career

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​Characteristics an Employee must have

Characteristics an Employee must have Even though we've learned about the things that we must do while working, there are some other things that the Architects at UR told me. These are the things that we must all remember at all tims. Here are some of the characteristics an Emloyee must have: 1. Patience Not… Continue reading ​Characteristics an Employee must have

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My thoughts about United Render Works

My Thoughts The company, United Renderworks, is a good company for me. They are all well-organized and they have their specific roles to fill in the company. Even though they have different time schedule, they still manage to do their tasks well. No one is left behind and they are dedicated to their works. I… Continue reading My thoughts about United Render Works